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#Sockit2PP Rally

Future Planned Parenthood Mega Center
1522 Bush Street
San Francisco, California 94109
United States

Start Date: Nov. 17th, 2017

Start Time: 12:00pm - End Time: 1:30pm

The #Sockit2PP Tour is coming your way! Students for Life of America will have a truck filled with 328,348 baby socks, each sock representing children aborted by Planned Parenthood this year. 

Planned Parenthood has lied to the American public, committed fraud with taxpayer dollars, and has been proven to sell the body parts of baby’s they abort for profit. Yet, Congress continually fails to defund Planned Parenthood. The pro-life generation is sick of being told to wait until another election season has passed. We are expecting Congress to uphold their promises and stop subsidizing America’s largest abortion vendor.

Sponsor: Students for Life of America
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Contact: Brenna Lewis
Phone: 5138331508